What is the process of application for a Fee Plan Facility?

  1. Obtain the new term’s fees invoice from the School.
  2. Write to admin@feeplanlimited.com for the application form or download the application form here
  3. Complete the application form and provide the documentation as required including the following if it is the first time you are applying: copy of ID, KRA PIN, Fee statement, proof of your disposable income (payslip/Bank statements) and proof residence(Utility Bill) .
  4. Submit the documentation and completed application form to Fee Plan offices, your school’s finance office or scan and forward to admin@feeplanlimited.com.
  5. A confirmation email and follow up phone call will be received from Fee Plan upon receipt of your application.
  6. Fee Plan carries out its own assessment including background checks and successful applicants are notified within 72 hours with the full fee amount for the term being drawn up in the name of the institution.
  7. Fee Plan will issue a repayment schedule and you simply issue direct debits or set up standing order instructions for the amounts per the dates and installments given in the repayment schedule. (Note: the first installment must be current.)
  8. The facility can be renewed for subsequent terms subject to consistency in repayment.

Application form

Download the Application form fill all the details and Send it to: admin@feeplanlimited.com

Please note to provide all information as required, complete and sign the application form to facilitate quick processing. **Terms and conditions apply.

An administration fee of 1.5% of the fees amount or Kshs. 1,500/= whichever is higher is payable upon successful application and in addition an insurance cost may be included.