With Fee Plan Limited, your fee payment is incredibly especially extremely made easier.

There's no question that a quality education will open doors for your child. It builds skills for the future, develops resilience for times of hardship and sets students up for future success. Its undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children.

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Our Products

Term Plan

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  • 6.50% - 2 Monthly Installments*
  • 7.50% - 3 Monthly Installments*
  • 8.50% - 4 Monthly Installments*
  • 10.50% - 6 Monthly Installments*

Uni Plan

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  • 7.50% - 8 Monthly Installments*
  • *Payable per semester

School Plan

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  • 4-month facility at 8.5% on a RB
  • 3-month facility at 7.5% on a RB
  • 2-month facility at 6.5% on a RB
  • 1-month facility at 5.5% on a RB


Fee Plan services are eligible to parents whose school(s) have registered with Fee Plan for their parents to access our services.

Term Plan

Fee Plan offers a school fees payment service for parents at selected learning institutions . Fee Plan settles in full on behalf of the parent the school fees invoiced. The parent can then pay back the amount together with a service fee to Fee Plan in monthly installments during the term.

Year Plan

Under Year Plan, Fee Plan enables the parent to plan for a full year’s fees. Under Year Plan, a parent can apply for the full year’s fees for Fee Plan to settle on their behalf as the fees fall due every term. Fee Plan will commit to pay the fees as they fall due and the parent does not have to apply every term. The parent will enter a payment plan with fixed monthly installments that cover the full year school fees.

Uni Plan

Uni Plan is Fee Plan’s University tuition payment plan where we tailor a facility to cover either the entire course or an academic year and match the repayments against your monthly income. Fee Plan pays the lump sum amount to the University as the fees fall due taking the pressure off your budget.

School Plan

School Plan is Fee Plan’s school fees invoice discounting service aimed at facilitating schools to enhance their cash flows. A school may opt to have its parents apply directly to Fee Plan for a fees facility. However, as the decision remains with the parents the school may not benefit if parents do not apply.